Why Doug?

Doug’s education and experiences, along with the circumstances surrounding his injury, and ultimately his ability to overcome his situation, give him a unique insight and understanding into the issues faced by organizations and individuals in today’s world. He specializes in helping individuals, schools, and corporations deal with change, adversity, and other relevant issues critical to success in today’s modern world. His messages are powerful, meaningful, lasting, and pertinent. He will gladly tailor his message to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals to improve.

Whether it is dealing with change, overcoming our personal constraints and flaws, learning to work as a team, or attitude and accountability issues, Doug’s worldview and philosophy applies and works with them all.  He realizes, as someone who pursues his physical health and a rigorous work schedule with a passion that the biggest obstacle to achieving success in these areas, is the inner struggle we all face with ourselves.

Doug enthusiastically shares his own personal philosophy regarding attitude, work ethic, perseverance, and accountability. But most importantly he delves into the process of making your own personal commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve your personal and organizational goals in life.