Footprints in the Sand
In this program, which is specifically targeted towards educators and educational companies, Doug delves into his own philosophy and strategies regarding our legacy. He shares anecdotes and his personal story to illustrate how we can maximize our impact on those who matter most in our society, our children and our students. He demonstrates how a Whatever It Takes philosophy and approach can help you assure that you are making a difference in the lives of our students and our children.

Rollin’ with the Changes
Doug shares his own personal story and experiences to show that embracing the difficult times and change in our lives and framing them as challenges and opportunities to grow and learn are vital to our success and dreams.  The way we view our situation and our belief in ourselves not only helps us overcome the difficult times in our lives, but ultimately can also help us become better people and organizations.

Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof
The theme of this program involves our tendency to believe that we are invincible and tragedy is something that happens to “other people.” Doug uses his own personal experience and his experience in helping schools and students deal with crisis and loss to help audiences understand that we are all mortal and must take certain precautions and steps to make sure we don’t end up as a statistic in an accident .

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Character: The key to success
In this program Doug explores his personal philosophy and belief that character is the key to our struggle to achieve success and excellence. Additionally he relates his work with his students throughout his years in education and how he helped them refine, hone, and improve their character.

Faith: The secret ingredient
Doug will willingly share with you the numerous times, in terms of his achievements and continued success, that he has been asked, How do you do it? What is your secret? He responds with only one word, “Faith.” “My faith in God and Jesus Christ has allowed me to accomplish every success I have ever achieved and everything I have ever done. It is only through God’s love, grace and unending compassion and forgiveness that I have been able to lead a successful life. For without him I am nothing.”

Why do bad things happen to good people…Why me?
Doug explores the inevitable question that haunts all of us who have experienced the death of loved ones, tragedy, traumatic injury, heartbreak, and the adversity, that sooner or later visits us all. He introduces the power of reframing in the wake of emotional pain to see and take advantage of the proverbial silver lining that lies in all adversity.

Adapting and improvising—anecdotes from the edge
These true stories of “life from the chair” as Doug likes to call them will have you laughing hysterically one moment and crying the next. It’s a great presentation filled with humor and as Doug likes to say if we cannot laugh at ourselves then we are taking this journey called life much too seriously.

Leading The Way
In this program Doug delves into the process and details of becoming an effective leader. He focuses on our tendency to become complacent, particularly after experiencing success, which results in a lack of discipline. Doug believes this is basic human nature, and primarily due to our failure to focus on the small details in our day to day activities. He explains it’s the attention to detail, and the small things that make up your character, that are in the heart and mind of all successful leaders who strive to achieve excellence. Focus areas include but are not limited too: integrity, attitude, work ethic, responsibility, honesty, discipline, courage, passionate, intense, humble, patience, and sincerity.